Beedron Record empresa especializada en imágenes con drones en las islas canarias

Passion for flying

At Beedron Records, we have skilled drone pilots with over five years of experience in flight and aerial filming. Safety and compliance with regulations are of great importance to us, which is why we offer professional and experienced service in the audiovisual, television, and advertising sectors. We are well-equipped to assist you with your projects globally and throughout the Canary Islands.

The scenery for recording in the Canary Islands is simply spectacular. From the sea breaking on its shores or gently brushing its beaches in Fuerteventura, to the filming of ravines with green orchards in La Gomera and golden sand dunes in Maspalomas, we have captured it all. We can also film breathtaking horizons that draw the silhouettes of the sister islands in Tenerife or photograph arid landscapes that resemble other worldly planets in Lanzarote. Whether you want to capture the stunning impenetrable forestry of laurisilva in La Palma or the cones of volcanoes in Tenerife, we can assist with that too.


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