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How and where to fly a drone in the Canary Islands.

Being able to fly a drone within a CTR (Controlled Traffic Region) is essential in the Canary Islands.

Drone flying in Spain is heavily regulated. Therefore, in the Canary Islands, the areas available for recreational drone flying are limited. The main reasons for creating restricted areas for drone flying are air safety and protection of natural spaces.

To legally fly drones in the Canary Islands, the first recommendation is to comply with the requirements established by AESA to become a drone operator and to obtain the necessary certifications in each case. Once these requirements are met, we must consult the Enaire drones website to find out if the area where we want to fly our drone is a CTR area or is affected by any other restriction. The deadline for processing these permits is 21 days. But don’t worry, we can handle all the documentation for you.

Vuelo de dron en CTR Canarias

To fly our drone over Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we must be aware that they are CTR zones and require coordination with the airports and heliports in the area.

In addition, due to our strategic location, a large part of these zones are restricted for aerial photography (these are defined by the Ministry of Defense as areas that contain or are near classified targets, and require certain restrictions on aerial photography operations). This permit can be obtained by submitting a simple request within 15 days, and it will be granted by the Ministry of Defense. At BeeDron Record, we have experience in managing these permits and many others.

Servicio de dron en Tenerife

In the Canary Islands, we are heavily influenced by the areas under the responsibility of the Environment department. Therefore, it is essential to check if our flight zone is protected by a MITECO or ZEPA zone.

Additionally, if we want to take aerial shots with our drone in protected areas such as National Parks, we must be aware of their complexity. To perform a drone flight in the Teide National Park, a drone flight in the Caldera de Taburiente National Park, the Timanfaya National Park or Garajonay National Park, we must be aware that these permits are granted on rare occasions and after the submission of the corresponding justifying documentation and a bond. Flying a drone in a National Park is a matter that the public administration takes very seriously. However, at BeeDron Record, we can advise and answer any questions you may have.

The main reasons for creating restricted areas for drone flights in the Canary Islands are two: air safety and protection of natural spaces.

There are also areas that, although of great interest, are not free for drone flights. This is the case of Roque Nublo in Gran Canaria. To legally fly a drone in Roque Nublo, we must request permission from the Gran Canaria airport, obtain permission for restricted areas for aerial photography, and finally, request permission from the Environmental Service of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria. The same applies to flying a drone in Las Dunas de Maspalomas.

We all dream of having aerial images of Canteras or flying a drone over Garachico or Puerto de Mogán, but we must keep in mind that even if we have processed all the aforementioned permits, we must still request authorization from the Ministry of the Interior to fly over a populated area.

We have extensive experience processing drone permits in the Canary Islands, and we are delighted to help you with any questions you may have. Contact us.


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