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Our drones at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

A successful flight for our clients.

Our drone team played an important role in the piece selected at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2023 in the category 'Best Fashion Film'.

The exciting world of fashion, creativity, and innovation is in constant evolution. And we, at BeeDron Record, are thrilled to have been a part of a project that has captured this dynamic and elevated Belstaff’s project to new heights. We are pleased to announce that our drone team played a significant role in the success of the fashion film for the British brand Belstaff, which has been selected in the ‘Best Fashion Film’ category at the prestigious Berlin Fashion Film Festival. The jury will deliver their verdict on November 2, 2023.

Our contribution with FPV and Mavic 3 services:

At BeeDron Record, we take pride in the fact that our drones played a crucial role in enabling the filming team to capture stunning shots that enhance the beauty and landscape of Lanzarote. In addition, BeeDron Record has provided the service with maximum security guarantees and permits being one of the only operators with an annual permit of drones from the Department of Environment in Lanzarote.

Not only in the FPV drone shot at the beginning of the main video but also in all the additional content and reels generated, for social media content to Belstaff’s website.

drone on filming set

The Belstaff Fashion Film: Where Past, Present, and Future Unite

The AW23 collection of Belstaff is defined by duality. Worn and unused. Old and new. Consistency and change. This tension reflects the forces that drive the brand and its ever-evolving narrative, where past, present, and future intertwine in a unique way. Director Ilan Lampl took this concept a step further by highlighting the fundamental factors and defining them as Nature and Humanity. For this reason and others, the filming took place on the island of Lanzarote, using everything from FPV drones to more traditional ones like the DJI Mavic 3. Although the concept is defined by duality, the audiovisual piece encourages viewers to seek moments of harmony in Lanzarote’s volcanic landscape. One of the resources being the inspiration from the film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and the use of the monolith.” 

Belstaff Making of 2

Flying from Lanzarote to the world.

At BeeDron Record, we are excited to have been part of such an important project where teamwork and innovation came together. Being selected at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival it´s a testament to the collaboration and creativity that can arise when different disciplines come together. We hope to continue being a significant partner for audiovisual production companies and contribute to equally exciting projects in the future.

Thanks to Belstaff and the entire team for trusting us with this unforgettable experience!

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