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Hiring a local drone Team in the Canary Islands

IF YOU HIRE a local drone operator for a shoot in the Canary Islands, you should take several factors into consideration in order to obtain a quality and satisfactory service.

In BeeDron Record, we believe that offering a personalized drone service and using all our experience of the territory and management with the administrations is essential for our clients to leave the Canary Islands with the aerial images they desire. Often, our clients wonder, “Why hire a local drone company?” On the one hand, we are a local company that offers a complete permit management service, which is essential for dealing with various public entities. In the audiovisual sector, it is common to work with very tight deadlines, and therefore it is vital to offer agility when processing drone permits and have experience and a close relationship with the local entity to avoid corrections and delays. In addition, it is necessary to track the permits requested correctly. All of these are advantages and experience gained from being a local drone operator in the Canary Islands that regularly processes drone permits with local, provincial, or national public entities.

Hiring a local drone service in the Canary Islands also allows you to benefit from the experience of knowing the territory and working together in finding the best location that meets the needs of the audiovisual production. Knowing at all times the necessary permits and logistics to execute the drone flight. In the worst case, the experience in the Canary Islands also helps find solutions and locations that comply with the regulations and deadlines of the production. We always want the client to leave with the desired images, while ensuring their legality.

Another advantage is that the drone team provides the necessary equipment and network of contacts. This avoids traveling by plane to the Canary Islands with drone equipment, batteries, etc., with the associated cost and logistics.

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When hiring a local drone service, the audiovisual company benefits from a more agile management of permits and also avoids the responsibility of managing permits and complying with drone regulations. It is important to note that the management of drone permits not only affects areas under airport control, commonly called CTR, drone regulations also affect other agencies such as the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Environment, flight requests to the Ministry of the Interior, etc. Therefore, hiring a professional drone service guarantees compliance with these regulations and also holds the drone operator responsible for their respective compliance. In the event of non-compliance with regulations, fines imposed by the State Air Safety Agency range from 1000 euros to 4.5 million euros.


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